Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 管理员手册

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 管理员手册产品描述:
本手册快速的解答Microsoft Exchange Server2007的日常管理指导。这种参考功能简洁的表格,清单,并当场简洁,准确的答案一步一步的指示。
Exchange Server 2007 管理员手册重点图书的优点:
Exchange Server 2007 管理员手册提供快速的事实和管理Exchange Server 2007中的即时参考。
提供必须知道的细节和程序,安装,迁移,管理和故障排除的Exchange Server 2007。
Product Description
  The fast-answers, daily administration guide to Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. This pocket-sized reference features concise tables, listings, and step-by-step instructions for concise, accurate answers on the spot.
  From the Publisher
  Key Book Benefits:
  -Provides fast facts and immediate reference for administering Exchange Server 2007.
  -Delivers must-know details and procedures for installing, migrating to, administering, and troubleshooting Exchange Server 2007.
  -Features concise tables, easy-to-scan lists, and step-by step instructions for the answers you need, wherever you need them.


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